Introducing DMme
Today we are analyzing a new Blockchain project, DMme. DMme is created and funded by five core team members. The teams vision is to create a P2P messaging app with true user privacy by encrypting all data through the DMme Blockchain. At a time when personal data and all content we post on the internet is at risk of being sold, logged and/or leaked DMme will be filling a major void for online privacy.

DMme Blockchain Specifications

The DMme Blockchain is powered by Proof-of Stake and Masternode technology. With a 60 second block time you can send DMme anywhere on the planet instantly and it will be fully confirmed by the blockchain within 6 minutes. What makes DMme stand out as a new Masternode project is that they do not suffer from hyperinflation, at the time of writing DMme currently has 90 Masternodes online with a 208% ROI. This is fairly low for a new project in the Masternode ecosystem. DMme held no presale and was launched and listed on HOTDEX & CREX24 all from the funding of the core developers, since being listed on the exchange some of the premine has been distributed but the core team still holds a majority of it.

DMme Messaging App

The DMme Messenger will be available on iOS, Android, and as a desktop client. DMme Messenger is feature packed but the most important is the use of military grade P2P encryption. The messenger app will be available for a low price paid in DMme coin providing instant coin utility.
Below is a list of more features

  • 100% Anonymous simply download the app and start messaging instantly
  • P2P Encryption
  • Instant message deletion once opened by the recipient
  • Send DMme instantly through the app from user to user in just a few clicks


Q1 2019

· Coin Release

· Wallet Win/Mac/Linux

· Website

· Whitepaper

· Exchange listing 1

· Kalkulus Hub listing

· Monitoring platform listing: MNO, MNPro, MNCN

· App stage 1 Development: Trittium Hosting listing (shared / insta masternode)

· Exchange listing 2

Q2 2019

· Listing exchange 3


· App main release with encrypted chat (Android only)

· Start App development stage 2: Money transfer, and Integration send/receive between users

Q3 2019

· Messaging app on Play Store and web download

· Subscription model implementation

· Start iOS app development

· Start PC app development

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DMme has proven it at least is not a quick cash grab considering the project was self funded and there was no presale or ICO. That is hard to find in the cryptosphere these days especially in the Masternode ecosystem. As of now the DMme team has delivered all roadmap objectives. The team is excited to test the app and we can’t wait to review the product when its finished!

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